Choosing your wedding party will be one of the hardest and most important parts of your wedding. Here are the top tips from wedding professionals for ensuring that you choose the best possible party with the least amount of stress.

Give Each Choice a Serious Thought

Once you have offered an invitation to your wedding party, there is no going back. So while you will be tempted to go out and start recruiting all your friends, it is best to stop and really think about who you want to take on this serious role. Give yourself at least one month to consider the choices, and ask yourself if you see this person as still a friend 5 years down the line.

Be Realistic

Be realistic about the ability of the people you want to ask to play the roles that you have in mind for them. People who live away or have very busy lives may want to be there through thick and thin, but they just will not be able to commit realistically.

Include Your Siblings

You can rely on close family through thick and thin, so definitely consider the advantages of having your siblings in your wedding party, and watching out for you through the entire process.

Think About Wedding Size

There is no strict rule about the size of a wedding party, but the average is 8 (4 groomsmen and 4 bridesmaids). However, the average wedding is around 50 to 60 guests, so it would be reasonable to increase the wedding party size to match the size, and complexity, of the wedding.

Make Sure They Are Responsible People

You are going to rely on these people for a lot of the details of your wedding, as well as being there through any emergencies or tricky situations. Be sure that they are the most responsible people in your life, and not just the closest or most fun. All your guests will get to share the fun and joy of your wedding, but the wedding party is about ensuring that everything leading up to the big day goes right.

Do Not Feel Obliged to Ask

Wedding planning is not the place to feel obligated. Choose your wedding party based on your own needs, not what you think is the right thing to do based on what others have done for their own weddings.

Look at Other Roles

There are any number of additional roles for people who you love and respect but are not a part of your wedding party. If someone wants to help out, but you do not think they will have the time to contribute to the wedding party, then do not hesitate to assign them different tasks before or on the day of the wedding to show that their willingness is acknowledged and appreciated.

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