A wedding day is a memorable event for everyone involved. While there are many decisions a couple will need to make in planning their wedding, there are some decisions that are more difficult than others. Choosing favours for a wedding is important because it helps to determine how guests will remember your wedding. Unfortunately, many couples choose favours that end up being tossed in the trash or never used. Instead of wasting time and money on boring favours, allow these ideas to stir your creative juices and help you in your decision so you can find the perfect favours to commemorate your day.

Choose Personalized Favours

Personalized favours are always a great choice for any wedding. It is important you choose favours that will be usable long after the wedding is over. Pens, keychains, notepads, mirrors and other small items can be personalized with the couple’s name and wedding date as a reminder of their wedding day. Every time guests use these items they will remember the day with a smile.

Decorative Favours Work Two-Fold

When choosing favours, decorative choices help to serve your wedding in two different ways. First, they can be used to decorate your tables. As the wedding draws to a close, guests can take home the special decorative favour and use it to decorate their own home as a constant reminder of your beautiful wedding day. Small flower arrangements, candles and even beautiful shells can all work as decorative wedding favours. If your wedding has a special theme, the wedding favours can be chosen to match that theme.

Inexpensive Wedding Favours

Planning a wedding can be very expensive with so many different aspects to purchase. Fortunately, there are many lower priced wedding favours that can provide a special gift for your guests without breaking your budget. When choosing wedding favours on a budget, you can let your creativity be your guide. Whether you choose, inexpensive memento favours or you decide to make your own, you will find you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to make your wedding favours add a memorable touch to your wedding.

In the end, it is your special day so choose wedding favours that you like and think your guests will enjoy. Whether it be a pen, a small flower arrangement or a magnetic placeholder, allow these ideas to help you get started so you can have fun in the process of searching for favours instead of being stressed.

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