The following are the problems most likely to be experienced when preparing for a wedding- and vital tips on how to prevent them:

A bride-to-be can be confronted by some challenges when planning a wedding. Bridesmaid dilemmas can arise from issues such as logistics planning, attires, jealousy, and insecurity threatening to break even the strongest bonds between people. The best way to have a happy wedding day is to fix in advance, issues likely to cause misunderstandings.

Settling On The Attire

Bridesmaids’ choice of dresses can be a major source of conflict.

Solution: Be a Little bit Flexible

Seek the opinion of some of your bridesmaids or the maid of honor when selecting their dresses. Alternatively, give them your color and style preference and leave it to each one of them to shop on their own, in consultation with you. It is not a must that they all wear similar clothes.

Financial Disagreements

A wedding ceremony is expensive, which is why there are disagreements about costs at many weddings.

Solution: Be Considerate

You do not have to host your bridal shower in an expensive hotel, demand your bridesmaids to go for makeups and have hair done (unless you will pay for the service). Your bridesmaids might be in another bridal team after your wedding, which is why you should avoid unnecessary expenses.

Dealing With Jealousy

Undeniably, most girls are jealous of their friend who is soon to be married. The jealousy is not always intentional since it is hard to be genuinely happy about your friend when you are not even in a relationship.

Solution: Reach Out

Organize a night out with your friends to discuss how each one of you is fairing on with life.

Overburdening Your Maids

Avoid assigning your bridesmaids too many duties. Avoid judging them harshly from the little help they accord you since they can only do too much.

Solution: Appreciate Their Help

Your maids are here to help you and not to be enslaved. Separate preparation tasks that require group effort from those that you can do on your own. Make the group tasks fun by sharing a glass of wine or having a meal together as you accomplish them.


Disagreements are not limited to girls alone and can even occur among the best of friends. You have many friends in life, and they might not all get along with each other including your future in-laws.

Solution: Designate a Team Leader

Designate one of your maids who has excellent interpersonal skills, more so, the maid of honor to be in charge of promoting group cohesion and avoid the buildup of tension. Conduct an introduction at the start of the bridal shower for your friends to familiarize with each other.

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