A wedding is a special occasion for the engaged couple and their close friends and family. Because of this, the bride and groom want to pick the perfect place to have their wedding, one that will be memorable but also fall within their budget. Couples can find a variety of banquet halls that can accommodate nearly any size guest list and budget. Read on to learn some tips for creating the perfect wedding reception by choosing the right wedding venue.

Tip #1: Consider the budget

The first step the bride and groom need to agree upon is the budget. If the budget allows, then it is best to select a banquet hall in one of the many quality hotels. Most of the larger hotel chains offer spectacular banquet halls that include outstanding amenities and facilities. For a smaller wedding venue budget, consider a banquet hall in smaller hotels.

Tip #2: Consider the guest list

Be sure to choose a venue that will accommodate all guests. Be sure there is enough room for a dance floor, DJ or band, and large dining tables. Simply call the hotel and tell them the approximate number of guests expected, and they will let you know whether or not they have a banquet hall available.

Tip #3: Consider the type of service offered

Remember, no two halls charge alike. And weddings are usually priced differently than other events because of the many services needed, such as food, wait staff, and drinks. Some hotels will simply lease out the hall with the expectation that the bride and groom secure a caterer and staff. Some hotels provide the food and charger per person. When planning a smaller wedding, it is less expensive to choose the later option. For a larger wedding reception, it is usually less expensive to rent a hall and provide the service and food.

Tip #4 Consider the amenities

When looking for a banquet halls, be sure it contains sufficient parking, clean, spacious bathrooms, sound equipment if necessary, and most importantly – make sure both the bride and groom love it. Wedding receptions are made to be memorable, so taking the time to consider these tips when starting the hunt for the perfect wedding venue will help put you on the right track.

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