Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect and memorable. Having an ideal venue will contribute a lot towards this end. It’s therefore essential that you find a venue that suits all your needs. As easy as that sounds, however, finding that fantastic place does not just involve settling for the prettiest one in your area and booking it. There are some few relevant questions that you can ask your venue reception before booking to secure the best. But if you have no idea on what to ask, here are some suggestions:

How many people can it accommodate?

It will be embarrassing to book a small space that cannot accommodate all your guests. Knowing the guest numbers will help you in deciding the space that you need. You should find out from the venue if the area they are offering will be enough since it is not something you want to find out after sending out the invitation cards.

Is the venue available on my wedding date?

If you have settled on a particular day, find out if the venue will be free then, to avoid disappointments. Although if you are a flexible person, you can shift the date to the day that the reception will be free.

How much are the charges?

The first thing to do when planning a wedding is coming up with a budget. You need to find out how much the venue costs and determine if it the amount fits in your budget. Of course, they will give you a price quote but make sure you read it through to understand all the fee you will be charged.

What is the catering situation?

Your guests are your top most priority and their satisfaction matters. Ensure that you like the catering services most especially the food. Also, ask if the catering is in-house or you will require to bring outside caterers and if you do, will they still charge you for it?

What about the weather plan?

Most people tend to ignore this. But with the ever-changing weather, you should not assume that it will be sunny until the ceremony is over. To be on the safe side, make sure that you are comfortable with the indoor space should anything happen. Also, you can ask if they have a covered outdoor area such as tents and a power generator in case of power outages.

These questions will guide you in preparing for your big day. However, even with the best planning, there may be uncontrollable situations that may occur. That’s why it is highly advisable that you also have wedding insurance.

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