When it comes to special occasions where shoes, dressing code, make-up and hair has to be considered, it is very important to seek the help from a professional to help you avoid mishaps. A wedding is one in a life time occasion where everything should be planned well to have fond memories in future. Choosing the hairstyle to have on that day is undeniably the most difficult decision a bride has to make to make her ideal wedding vision come true. You need to carefully consider the following before deciding on the hairdo to use.


The idea here is to remain the same woman your man fell in love in the first place. The hairstyle can explain a lot about the personality (classy, conservative, daring or even trendy) depending on how it is done. Choose the hairstyle you find suits you best with the help of your stylist.

Consider the features and shape of your face (There are four different types of faces commonly)

  • If you’ve got a long face, your hair should be held up and around your ears and cheekbones to avoid making your face longer.
  • Round faces are more common and have a glamorous look in up-dos. The style used should not be very slick or tight to clearly outline the facial features.
  • If you have a square face, they hair should be pulled away from the face to smooth the facial features. The most appropriate style should be soft and wispy to have a fashionable look.
  • Heart shaped faces goes very well with a style that shows your ears and neck. Mostly the hairstyle should be aimed at disguising the forehead in which is very common in heart shaped faces.

The style to go with should be delegated between you and a stylist whom you trust and have worked on your hair at least three times. This gives you the best results because he/she knows a lot about your face and hair.

Your Wedding Dress

Consider the dress to wear first before choosing the hairstyle. Your hairstylist can as well have the information about the dress to help you in choosing the best hairdo. The experience and skills these hair professionals have makes them the best people to get advice and opinions from. Look at some factors like an open back or whether you will be wearing a veil before making the final decision on the style. 

Location Of Your Wedding

This is very important because you can be uncomfortable throughout the whole wedding period due to prevailing weather conditions. Your stylist may recommend some products and tips to use in tropical, humid or hot weather to avoid irritations. In windy areas e.g. beaches, consider tying your hair up to avoid it being blown over by wind repeatedly.

In making the occasion memorable and beautiful, have ample time to work on your hair with a professional stylist to have the best results. Among other objectives, highlight the all the perfect facial features as much as possible as you walk down the aisle.

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